Yesterday, I was talking to an old lady about life and suffering. Just like all the other old people, she told me you’re too young to understand the difficulties of life.

She is right. I can’t.

Then she told me:
When I lost my first tooth, I knew it won’t come back. I’m not young anymore. Whatever I lose, it won’t come back. Whatever started, pain, illness, they won’t go away. That’s aging, that’s life’s suffering.

I always see aging as a different form of beauty. When I was with grandmas and grandpas, I can feel the power of time. I feel their calmness, wisdom, and their hearts that can accept all and embrace all. It’s like nothing can surprise them, irritate them, or disturb their stillness. They smile to me, and tell me, everything that you’re worried about now will be gone.

I never thought about the pain they have.

It’s a journey we all need to go.

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