First Noble Truth – Dukkha and Thoughts

In buddhism perspective, there are eight types of dukkha in life:

Birth, aging, illness, death;

association with the unbeloved,

separation from the loved,

not getting what is wanted,

and holding on what should let go.




Even though it’s the millionth time I’ve heard of this, I’ve learned this, I still cannot take control of the dukkha in life.

That’s how weak I and many other beings are.

The biggest mistake is not taking control of our body, our mind, our thought, our life.

We let them wonder, let them being restless, let them do what they feel comfortable to do.

The consequence is, we waste precious days in our limited life in this restlessness.

What’s even worse, we’re blinded, we stuck in dukkha that could have been avoided.

The one thing we can do, is being mindful, and more mindful,

to what’s happening in our life, to what’s going on in our mind, to what we’re doing.

Once we can observe all these clearly,  we can gradually take control of them.

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